About the Lonesome Highway Team

We're passionate about great music. Real & honest hardcore country and bluegrass.

Who we are:

Stephen Rapid - Founder / Reviewer / Musician / Art Director
Stephen reviews and writes for LonesomeHighway.com. He is a member of rock band Trouble Pilgrims. 

Contact Stephen at stephenrapid@gmail.com

Sandy Harsch - Founder / Content Editor / Broadcaster
Sandy is the copy editor for LonesomeHighway.com. She has a regular radio show on RTE Radio 'Country Time. Sandy was recently named the Country Music Association's (CMA) International Broadcaster of the Year

Contact Sandy at outlaws@eircom.net

Ronnie Norton - Founder / Photographer / Broadcaster

Ronnie co-founded Lonesome Highway with Stephen and now concentrates on broadcasting.

He hosts his own internet radio shows under the banner of Ronnie's Radio Round-up

which features the best in Bluegrass and Beyond.

www.CMRNashville.net Fridays 4pm to 6pm and Saturdays 4am to 6am , 8pm to 10pm GMT,
www.WorldWideBluegrass.com Mondays 5pm to 7pm EST

Contact Ronnie at ronnie@norton.ie

Paul McGee – Reviewer / Writer

Paul reviews and writes for LonesomeHighway.com.

He has been a Radio DJ and a Music Promoter in past lives.

Contact Paul at paul.mcgee5961@outlook.com

Declan Culliton – Reviewer / Writer / Facebook Admin

Declan is the most recent addition to the editorial team but has soon made his mark with his enthusiasm and enjoyment of Americana music.

Contact Declan at declan.culliton@yahoo.com