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Michael Ublandi Lost American Nights - lyrics & Poems  Moon Tide Press

This is an updated version of a book first published in 2006 and features lyrics and poems from across his career. It also features some black and white images of Ubladni to give the book a visual aspect. His website is www.rocknrollpoet.com so that nails his colours to the mast. How well do lyrics work without the music is a point that is often raised about lyric books. They serve two purposes, one to allow listeners to read lyrics and secondly for the words themselves. There is a difference between a poem and a lyric although that line can be blurred sometimes. Ublandi writes words that evoke images that are totally in keeping with their musical setting which range from the street rock 'n' roll of Avenue Of 10 Cent Hearts from his album of that title to Mardi Gras from Empty Bottles through to the country-styled words of My Liver's Bad, My Life's A Mess (And I Blame You Sweetheart) which features on his latest country focused album Last Of The Honky Tonks. Each section is titled Dream Sequence. Number 9 for instance is subtitled Pedal Steel Marquee and the words there fit that overall lyrical concept. Ublandi's fans will find this collection a handy source of his lyrics while others will find, as with all poets, the words that mean most to them. This is one man's life, loves and lamintations laid bare for all to see.

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    Are you publishing any other new lyrics and poems book because I have already read your 2006 edition book and also updated edition so tell me about that book which you will publish now.
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    ah, finally I got into Michael Ubaldini's Lyrical book for Lost American nights. I am a great fan of him and love the legendary albums of rock n roll salon, street singin', and the mystery train sessions.
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    His assemblage of poems and lyrics are really phenomenal. I saw the lyrics while taking heed to his poem. Some of his musical lyrics are good, but most probably I prefer to listen his poetry without music.
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